Photo’s of Jennifer Hanna from [29.06.2013] HUT Gebyar BCA - Indosiar

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130611 Jessica Veranda’s Q&A Recap

Ever heard of a band named Muse?

Of course I knew it hahahah

Which do you prefer, acoustic guitar or acoustic piano?

I liked both, but I prefer acoustic guitar

How many siblings do you have? Do you have an older brother?

I have 1 older brother and 1 little brother. I’m the 2nd child and the only girl in my family,.

Then you should’ve heard of Depapepe right?

Yesss heheheh

You must be the prettiest in your family right?

Nope, Mom is more beautiful than me, hahahah *Oh such a humble girl~*

Did you ever listened to J-Pop Songs other than AKB? For example, Ayumi Hamasaki?

Yes, and I still listened to it until now =]

In terms of fashion, do you prefer clothes or shoes?

I like both of them ^^

Which do you prefer, eating your mom’s homemade cook or foods from outside (restaurants, etc)?

Mom’s cooking is the best, too bad she rarely cooks, hahahah

Before you debuted as a JKT48 member, you were called Jessica Lontoh right?

"Lontoh" is my Mom’s family name

How often do you eat Cheese Martabak?

About 2 to 3 times a month hohohoh

What’s the secrets to be fashionable?

Read magazines for references, find something which attracts your attention and it must be something you feel comfortable with

Which kind of movies do you like? Horror, Action, or Romantic movies?

Action! Hihihih

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Photo’s of Ve from this morning’s Dahsyat

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Tashima Meru Google+ Photos [May 2013]

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- Meru’s Google+ Photos [January-April 2013]




Romance Kenjuu - Paruru

She is so distracting in this PV (*´Д`)

That’s what I said. Paruru really spot on in this PV. Best PV so far she had done!



Fuuchan & Yuki in Sayonara Crawl

Yukirin’s new daughter XD

they really looks like Mother and Daughter lol

Yukirin looks like a mother already LOL

I’m the father *hammered*

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